The Economic Impact Of Korean Migration In The USA

The Korean Americans have increased drastically after the Korean War. However, after that, the rate of immigration has been constant overall.

The Korean Americans are well settled in America and have developed organizations where they can voice their opinions. They have embedded themselves in the American government system too. Many Korean Americans have been promoted to prestigious positions in the government like the judiciary and the international affairs. They have developed huge businesses like food chains and other products. They have been quickly absorbed into the American workforce due to their work ethics and the importance they give to their work.

Korean Diversity in The US Government

Many of them send the money earned by them back to Korea to their families. This is due to their loyalty and strong bonds with the family. The Korean culture dictates that the members of the family shall be loyal and take care of them. This is the reason that remittances from the US to Korea are so high. The amount has tripled since the nineties. The total amount of remittance sent to Korea is about 0.5% of the GDP of the country.
The Korean Americans excel in their fields in comparison to their counterparts in Korea because they have access to better education in America and better job opportunities after they complete their studies. Those who were born in America have a higher education standard than the ones who migrated later as they had difficulty in getting accustomed to the American society and the English language.

Korean American Insurance & Financial Professional Association

Korean Americans are insured more than any other immigrant group. Almost the entire population of Korean Americans is insured. However, when compared to the general public and the natives, they still do not have public coverage, or if they do, it’s very less. This a result of their integration in the society and higher awareness than the other immigrants.

The government acknowledges the Korean Americans and their contribution to the society and the nation as a whole. They have even served in the armed forces and as mayors. The number of unauthorized immigrants is less as compared to the other immigrant groups.

Illegal Korean Immigrants

The total unauthorized Korean immigrants are just 2% of the eleven million unauthorized immigrants in the country.

This is evidence of the fact that Korean Americans enjoy a good relationship between America and Korea and the immigration policies have become friendlier. This has led to an active cooperation between the two nations.

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