With the ease of convenient transportation and the lure to mingle and explore other cultures, there have been significant increases in Korean Americans who reside in America.

People are nowadays moving out of their comfort zones in search of better opportunities and better living options.

The North Koreans have spread their culture all over the US, and it is being accepted graciously.

Earlier days saw the issues related to immigration policies which made people pretty reluctant to leave their homes but now with upgraded and efficient immigration procedure people have found it easier to travel to different countries. The exodus of Koreans was the aftermath of the Korean War which left a devastating imprint on their mind and as well as their country.

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They felt it would be better to just leave to another country in the hope of getting a good life. Now with the Koreans settled in the US, the Americans are also discovering and adapting themselves to the Korean culture. Of course, every country has a new and exciting culture to offer; it is exciting because it is different from.

The North Koreans have spread their culture all over the US, and it is being accepted graciously.

Here we present the North Korean restaurants in the US.

  • Yang ji Chon restaurant 36-14 Farrington Street NYC provides the amazing mouth-watering delicacies.This North Korean restaurant also serves Chinese dishes.This restaurant has a rustic-modern ambiance filled with the heavenly smells of BBQ lamb skewers that greet you when you walk through the door.
  • Sol Hyang Gee situated in 136-73 41ST Avenue in NYC is one of the Yanbian influenced food outlet try offer mouth-watering dishes like raw beef in cilantro, beef tripe salad, lamb skewers, fried potato dumplings, etc. The spicy and tangy taste of the beef marinated in spicy radish sauce particularly tips your tongue and makes you wonder what you have been doing with your life all these years. The staff there can speak Mandarin and Korean and can converse in English as well
  • Seoul Taco which is a Korean Mexican fusion restaurant situated in Chicago IL. It offers a plethora of combination dishes that leave you smacking your lips. The tofu taco is particularly exquisite with Korean salad mix and green onions topped with the creamy, tangy Seoul sauce. Their menu is pretty simple, and this restaurant also provides good and efficient service.
  • R.O.K. in Florida is one upbeat restaurant that impresses its customers with a wide range of Korean delicacies served to them. While visiting this restaurant do not forget to try out the Korean pancake which an amazing construction of pan-fried crispy on the outside and a soft seafood mixture inside. Served with traditional side dishes like kimchi, bean sprouts, potato salad, rice cake and black beans this dish is superb. Don’t forget to try out the different kind of meat offered in this restaurant- marinated beef, marinated chicken, seasoned pork belly, and bulgogi.
  • Manna Korean BBQ Restaurant is located in Lauderhill Florida offers a range of authentic and Korean food in its traditional styled ambiance. You can try out their amazing Tteokbokki which is rice cake in spicy sauce, then bibimbap, bulgogi, and Mandu. Mandu are pork dumplings with soy sauce and taste heavenly.
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