The number of immigrants in the United States of America has increased in the recent years. The vast number of possibilities and the American dream has been attracting people from all over the world.

Among all the immigrant groups, Korean Americans are the biggest and the most influential. The organization NAKA has played a critical role in the framing of policies related to the immigrants. They have been representing the Korean Americans on national and international forums and making their lives easier and better. Unlike the earlier times, the Korean Americans are no longer facing any racism, and they have been appointed to important offices and positions. The population of Korean Americans is increasing, and they are concentrated in specific areas and cities.

Some of the cities with the highest population of Korean Americans are listed below:

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is the city with the highest population of Korean Americans and the original city where the immigrants started staying. The Korean Americans have settled in large numbers and have developed much of the region according to their own traditions. Korean Americans go to Los Angeles to feel normal and where they will not be subjected to any questions regarding their ethnicity and where they could get a true feel of Korea. One can find many eateries serving authentic Korean food in that area. The community of Korean Americans is well established in this city. The population of Korean Americans in the city is 108,282 according to a survey in 2009. They constitute 2.9% of the population of the city.

Koreantown Los Angeles

New York, New York City

The city of New York is one of the busiest hubs in the region, and the abundance of opportunities has attracted immigrants from all over the country. The city offers a lot of job offers and the opportunities to grow one’s business and endeavors. The population of the Korean Americans in the city is 96,741, according to the survey of 2009. They constitute 1.2% of the entire population in the city.

Koreatown, Manhattan

Other cities like San Jose in the state contain 12,409, which is lower than the other cities in the region. This shows that the Korean Americans are concentrated in some areas.

When comparing the other smaller cities, we can see that the number of immigrants is directly proportional to the size of the cities.


Fullerton, California

Fullerton was a simple city filled with natives, but since a few years, the arrival of Korean Americans has drastically increased. To cater to their needs, several Korean churches have come up, and Korean newspapers and radio stations are becoming popular. They have also formed groups and communities among themselves. The reason can be the proximity of this city to other favorite Korean American cities in states like Los Angeles and New York City. The population as of 2009, was 15,544, which is 11.5% of the entire population.

Irvine, California

Irvine was a stereotype town filled with white people, but in 2008, the town elected its first Korean American mayor. This was a result of the growing population of Korean Americans in the town. Many immigrants have shifted to the city, and now, they constitute almost 49% of the population, while Korean Americans constitute around 35% of the population.

Korean Grocery Store at Irvine, California

Other medium-sized cities like Glendale and Torrance have about 10,000 Korean Americans.

The above data shows how the number of immigrants has increased and how significant they have become in the American society. The list also indicates the favorite cities for Korean Americans to stay in if they are new to the country.

Staying in one’s community is always beneficial since the community will provide all the necessary support and help when needed.

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