The Korean American population has been increasing quite fast, and that has resulted in a need for an organization to unite all the members and form a forum which will enable them to voice their opinions.

The National Association of Korean Americans (NAKA) was one of the answers to the issues related to the Korean Americans. They have done an excellent job of enabling the immigrants to voice their opinions and shaping the policies which would affect them. NAKA played a critical role in establishing the Korean Americans as an essential part of the American society.

General James A. Van Fleet (left) departing CG, Eighth Army, talks to Lt Gen Isaac D. White, CG, is US corps at the airstrip, during his visit north of Korea.
NARA FILE#: 111-SC-424247

Similar to NAKA but different in its own way, the Korean Society is another organization that has been helping the Korean Americans. It was formed in the year 1957 by a group of Americans, which was led by General James A. Van Fleet. He was the commander of the armed forces of the US during the final phase of the Korean War. They intended to create an organization that would enforce the relationship between Korea and the United States of America. They decided to create a forum which would encourage better cooperation between the two countries with the help of a better understanding of the cultures, art, aims, ideals, industries, and sciences.

The Korean Society combines other associations of the same mission under one umbrella. The US-Korea Society and the US-Korea Foundation, to name the two most notable organizations, were merged to form a society that is known today as The Korea Society.

The Korea Society is a nonprofit and private organization that consists of corporate and individual members. They must promote awareness and understanding between the people of Korea and the US.

To achieve this, the society conducts programs to share, discuss and exchange information based on topics like business, policies for the public, education, arts and intercultural relations that concern both the countries. To function, the society gets funds from endowments, contributions, program fees, and grants from different institutions and individuals. They have their base in the city of New York and from where they are connected to all the members with the help of counterpart organizations.

The Korea Society

The Korea Society has a section named Viewpoint where notable writers and academics write on latest topics and events in the Korean peninsula. The essays are authored and edited by the senior members of the society.

The essays highlight issues and reflect consensus, but they are not exactly the view that the society holds for that matter. The only intention of the essays is to encourage discussion and exchange ideas and information.

The Korea Society is the result of an intimate connection between the United States of America and Korea. They have been trying to forge more and better ways to strengthen the existing relationships and to represent the Korean people on an international forum.

Korea and American Relations

There are much more such societies that help and support the Korean Americans to live a prosperous life in the American continent.

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