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The world has opened up to more possibilities, and with the introduction of more accessible ways of traveling, no place is unreachable. For better opportunities and better standards of living, people are starting to explore the world, and unlike before, they are not rooted to a single spot. They have realized that the world as a whole is a stage and they do not need to stay in one place. Immigration was a significant problem at a time due to security reasons. There would be cases of racial abuse and ethnic cleansing, and many countries would refuse to let immigrants enter because they were skeptical of them and it was assumed that they would compromise the security of the nation. However, the times have changed, and immigration policies have become relaxed. The security concern is no more a big issue due to stringent checks and verification.

The Korean War left the nation devastated, and many people lost everything during this war. They decided to move to the US for another chance at life and a better one.

They shifted to the US and settled there. They started working there and established themselves. They faced some troubles due to the language difference, but they were quick to overcome it. However, during the Los Angeles riots, the Korean Americans were in danger once again. They realized that they need to come together and voice their opinions on a national scale. This gave rise to several organizations and associations.

People march calling for peace during the Los Angeles Riots in Koreatown

The primary motive of the organizations was to give the Korean Americans a platform to voice their opinions and gather together so that they could discuss issues related to them. They played an important role in framing the policies of the US government regarding the immigrants and other issues.


KAANET is one such organization to help the immigrants join the mainstream by spreading greater awareness and bringing all of them together. We are trying to make people aware of the contributions of the Koreans towards the nation.

We are an inspirational and an informative website for the Korean Americans. They can know how important they are to the American society and the contributions of the immigrants towards the nation.

We also divulge information regarding the associations and organizations that work for the Korean Americans. We have information regarding their work, how they have impacted the lives of the immigrants and how they have helped the immigrants join the mainstream of the US. We can tell you about the contributions of these organizations such as NAKA and The Korea Society.

Korean American Immigrant

We are here to enlighten the masses whenever you need a dose of inspiration. We have everything you would like to know about the Koreans who are living in the United States of America. We will keep updating our website and keep you updated with all the information related to the Korean Americans. You can turn to us whenever you need to know about the Koreans and their lives.

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