Koreans are known for their strict work ethics and the importance they give to their jobs. They are relentless and persistent, and that has enabled them to build some of the biggest companies and firms in the world.

They have spread over the entire world, and the Korean Americans constitute a major part of the immigrants in America. They have successfully entered the American mainstream, and many Korean Americans have held prominent positions in some of the most prestigious firms. They have also been a part of the American government like the judiciary and foreign matters. In some areas, the Koreans have the upper hand regarding businesses. They own more businesses per thousand people than the natives of America. Some of the most successful Korean companies in the US are:

Samsung: Samsung has become a household name today. They are one of the biggest technology companies in the world, and they sell their products all over the world. They have been able to upgrade themselves and enter newer markets at a consistent rate. From mobile phones to refrigerators, Samsung has developed the capability to manufacture and sell all types of electronic appliances all over the world. They have offices in many countries. They have a worldwide market value of about $174 billion. They rank twentieth in the Forbes Global 2000 companies. It is the most profitable company in Korea having a turnover of about $208 billion. They are now the largest manufacturers of semiconductor chips, mobile phones, and televisions in the world. They have not only created a formidable brand name but also shown to the world how technologically advanced the Koreans are.

Samsung Android Phone

Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motor: Hyundai Motor has gained worldwide fame due to its cheap but well-built vehicles. Hyundai is the largest automobile company in Korea and was founded in 1967. Their cars and vehicles are sold over Asia. The vehicles are exported to the USA too. Hyundai is a Korean company, but more than half of the cars that are sold in the US are manufactured there. They have manufacturing facilities in Montgomery, Alabama and they have their design and testing ground in California.

POSCO: POSCO is one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world. In 2015, their production was 42 million tons, and they were ranked fourth in terms of capacity. POSCO is ranked 146 in 2012, on the Fortune Global 500 list. They also operate a joint venture with US Steel and their office is located in California. USS POSCO was one of the most strategic mergers that took place. It facilitated peaceful business transactions between Korea and the US. The merger helped POSCO establish themselves in one of the biggest markets in the world.

SK Holdings: They are one of the largest corporations in Korea, and they were also the first to bring telecom into Korea. They comprise of several companies dealing with oil, gas, chemicals, and various other products. They have their offices in the USA too, and they conduct various transactions with the American government. SK USA is a strategic partnership to promote the SK Holdings’ businesses in the United States. They often turn to investors in the USA to fund their projects, and with their help, they are growing at an astonishing rate.


LG Electronics: They are listed among the largest manufacturers of electronics in the world. They were the second largest television manufacturers in the world in 2012. Their phones are sold all over the world along with other products like the LG smartwatch. They manufacture high-quality televisions, home appliances, and home entertainment products. They proposed to construct their headquarters in New Jersey, USA. The work is in progress and is expected to be completed by 2019. This will give them the power to establish a better hold on the market in the region.

Kia Motors Store

KIA Motors: They are another manufacturing company that has established themselves in the US. KIA Motors is a distinguished name in Korea. In the USA, they have their manufacturing plant in Georgia, and that has resulted in the creation of many jobs and the entire development of the area.



Sorabol: This is the first Korean fast food chain in the USA. They have been serving the Americans since 1979. Now, they have about fifteen stores spread all over the country. Their recipes are authentic, and they have not let the American cuisine affect their food in any way. They claim that they serve authentic Korean food.

Bibibop Asian Grill: This was founded by Charley Shin, who is a native of Korea. They have grabbed a lot of eyeballs in the food market with their modern version of a Korean dish called Bibimpap. They offer various varieties of this, and that has created much curiosity in people. Their food has received a lot of positive reviews and is gaining more & more popularity.

Hyundai Heavy Industries: This began as a subsidiary of Hyundai Motors, but later, they separated and formed a different entity. They are the largest shipbuilding company in the world. They built the largest shipyard in the world within sometime after their establishment. They have been signing huge deals with the USA, and they have also lent their expertise in constructing oil rigs.

Hyundai Steel USA: They have been a useful partner to the USA to produce higher quantities of steel and to furnish the total requirement of steel in America. They have been supplying quality steel to customers all over the world and have earned a reputation that is helping them prosper.

Al these companies have been very successful in the USA, and they continue to function and support the economy of America and Korea. They have resulted in the creation of jobs and opportunities in both the countries and also helped the companies tap into the massive market of America.

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